The Platonic Solids as Pendant Lights

The Platonic Solids as Pendant Lights

You may already know about the Platonic Solid set that Asaf Zakay makes as a sculpture set.

platonic solid set

This set, is very popular with geometry lovers worldwide.

Something to also consider, is that the Platonic Solid Set can also be made in our Luminary range, meaning each piece has a light inside and resonates out the most stunning reflections and shapes. 

Dodecahedron - Universal Wisdom

stellated dodecahedron

The Dodecahedron has been stellated to make this incredible shape that we call the Scorpius.  In Sacred Geometry terms, this piece is all about healing.  Made with the principles of the Golden Ratio, this piece is perfect for a bedroom or dining/lounge area.

Icosahedron - For Going with the Flow


icosahedron pendant light

The Icosahedron is known for its feminine energy and for nourishing and creativity.  The piece here has been made with a mix of clear double bevelled glass - glass that is very crystal like and has a very pure energy.  Mixed with dichroic glass, which gives pops of colours out onto the surrounding walls. So you get amazing light and reflection as well as colour.  As with all lights, this piece can be installed into the ceiling or displayed on one of our custom made stands as shown here.

Cube - Grounding

 cube platonic solid pendant light

 The Cube is the third in our Platonic Solid light series.  The cube is all about grounding, stability and creating focus.  It is also linked to the element of Earth.  This piece has been made in full dichroic glass for tonnes of colour, but can be made in any mix of our glass range you like.

Octahedron - Living in the Moment


 The Octahedron is a beautiful hand-crafted diamond shaped pendant light that in Sacred Geometry terms is all about living in the moment and integration.  It is connected to the element of Air.  This piece works perfectly in a bedroom or as a dining room pendant.  Seen here in full clear sapphire blue.

Tetrahedron - Moving Forward into Areas Not Yet Known

tetrahedron geometric glass pendant

The Tetrahedron is a geometric glass pendant light that is all about moving forward into areas not yet known.  It is connected to the element of fire and according to Sacred Geometry is perfect for motivation.  This piece has been made in dichroic glass. It can be installed into the ceiling, a custom made stand, or because of it's flat base, it can sit on a plinth or table.