What clear glass or dichroic glass can I choose for my light or sculpture?

There is a huge range of types of glass that resident artist, Asaf Zakay, uses in his hand-crafted pendant lights and glass sculptures, all specifically chosen to complement the shape he has created.

We can also source other types of glass not listed here, especially for you, including hand-blown glass. Examples of this work can be found here

For Zakay's full installation gallery, click here.
By linking the wisdom behind colour therapy and the sacred knowledge of geometric art and symbols Zakay can combine your choice of colour and sacred geometric shape to create a potent and personalised healing tool.

Colour therapy has long been held as an incredible tool for realigning and stimulating our energy flow or Qi. We have 7 energy centres, if one of these is not functioning properly we feel unwell both mentally and physically. Each energy centre is linked with a colour.

Dichroic Glasses

This is glass that has been treated with minerals to enable it to ‘throw’ different colours. It is an ancient skill used in glass art of treating glass so that a selection of colours are seen depending on the light source and the eye of the beholder.

Dichroic Clear Glass

You will generally see pinks, oranges, yellows with some blue coming through. This connects strongly with the root, sacral and solar plexus energy centres of your body.

Feelings of being grounded, connected, accepted and confident are stimulated. In turn you can accept others and feel in control of your life. The blue coming through aids your self expression and ability to communicate with others.

dichroic glass
Dichroic clear glass in the Vega Tree of Life geometric sculpture.

dichroic glass in ceiling light
Dichroic clear glass in the Sextans pendant light

Dichroic Grey Glass

You will generally see indigo, violet, blues and greens with small amounts of yellow or pink coming through. This connects you with your crown, your 3rd eye, your heart and your throat energy centres.

It is all about your spiritual connection, wisdom, ability to love yourself and others and communicate with others with confidence.

dichroic glass
Dichroic grey glass in an Ankaa geometric sculpture

geometric chandlier light
Dichroic grey glass in a the Sextans pendant light

Dichroic Green Glass

You will see mainly greens, indigos and violets. This is all about your crown energy centre, 3rd eye and heart. It enables us to connect with the divine, stimulating our spiritual energy flow.

Our 3rd eye is activated aiding our development of wisdom and our heart, opened helping us to self love and love others. Through our spiritual development we are able to love ourselves and others more.

dichroic green glass in glass art
Dichroic green glass in a geometric sculpture

dichroic green pendant light
Dichroic green glass in the Zaniah pendant lamp

Clear Glasses

Clear glass is cleansing and purifying to the energy system and promotes spirituality.  As a glass pendant light or when lit up by an external light source it will throw out beautiful reflections and shapes.

Clear Double Bevelled

clear glass sculpture
Clear double bevelled glass in the Ariel star tetrahedron

geometric pendant light
Clear double bevelled glass in the Ariel pendant light
Clear Emerald Green Glass

In colour therapy, green is the colour of balance and harmony. Along with blue it is an extremely healing colour. It is linked to the heart which, in turn, is related to love and self love. Green is an excellent colour to have around at times of stress.

emerald green merkaba
Emerald green glass in the Ariel star tetrahedron

emerald green geometric lamp
 Emerald green glass used in the Hadar ceiling light

Clear Sapphire Blue Glass

In colour therapy blue is one of the greatest healing colours. It calms and soothes our nervous system linking us with peace and serenity. Blue connects us with our spirit and to The Source, aiding the flow of spiritual energy through us.

Associated with the sky and the ocean and the feelings of peace and acceptance that come when we sit quietly and contemplate life near these bodies. By choosing a blue glass sculpture you will bring feelings of peace and calm to your house. It is connected with our throat energy centre, aiding communication and self expression.


sapphire blue glass geometric art
Clear sapphire blue glass
octahedron ceiling light
Clear sapphire blue glass used in the Vesta Octahedron hanging light

Clear Rose Gold Glass

This colour is made up of 2 parts red and 1 part yellow. It is a gentle orange  colour. In colour therapy red is considered energising and warming. It is linked with self awareness. It enables us to feel grounded. Yellow is considered cleansing and uplifting. It is linked with self worth.

It is linked with our solar plexus  which is associated with confidence and control. Orange is energising and warming and linked with self respect. This is a great colour to choose when you need to feel support and a ‘protective embrace’. Connecting with this colour will aid in in the first step towards being able to love ourselves. Linked with our sacral chakra it is linked with ability to connect and accept ourselves and others.

geometric ceiling light
Rose gold glass as used in the Scorpius geometric pendant light