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As Asaf Zakay makes each piece by hand, our waiting list is around 16 weeks. You can ready more about our list here

That said, we generally have a few pieces available for immediate purchase.  We will continually update this list.
To purchase or for more information, please contact us below or email info@zakayglasscreations.com or Phone/WhatsApp +61 493 288 682


The Gemma
Dichroic grey glass and clear glass mix with Wooden Pod
$1490 (was $1740, save $250)
Free shipping
Size of sculpture: 35cm x 35cm
Size of stand: 58cm x 53cm
More about the cube-octahedron shape:
In sacred geometry, the cuboctahedron is sometimes seen as a symbol of integration and harmony between different elements or aspects of existence. It combines the stability of the cube with the dynamic balance of the octahedron, representing the fusion of earthly and spiritual qualities.
Scorpius - The Golden Ratio - Stellated Dodecahedron 
The great stellated dodecahedron has long been associated with sacred geometry, a belief that certain geometric forms hold inherent spiritual or mystical significance.
In this context, the dodecahedron itself is often considered a symbol of the universe or cosmic harmony. The stellation of the dodecahedron further emphasises the intricate and interconnected nature of reality.
AUD$2750 / US$1751
Free shipping
Size of sculpture: 35cm x 35cm
Glass used: Dichroic on emerald green
Size of stand: 58cm x 53cm





XXL Tree of Life
49cm x 17cm A mix of Rose Gold and Dichroic Diamonds
The Tree of Life in sacred geometry represents the interconnectedness and harmony of all things in creation, and can be used as a tool for spiritual growth and understanding.
AUD$995 including shipping
(Save $135)