Pieces Available Now

Picture this: You've been eyeing our creations for months, perhaps even years, eagerly anticipating the moment when you could claim one as your own.

You've diligently joined waitlists and followed us with fervent admiration. Then, unexpectedly, an opportunity presents itself—a chance to bypass the waitlist and acquire a piece that speaks directly to your soul.  Is that glass sculpture here?

As Asaf Zakay makes each piece by hand, our waiting list is around 16 weeks. You can ready more about our list here

However, the pieces here are available for immediate purchase - these are sometimes pieces that Asaf has felt compelled to create.  

To purchase or for more information, please contact us below or email info@zakayglasscreations.com or Phone/WhatsApp +61 493 288 682



 Sorry, nothing currently available.  Please contact us