Tetra Matrix - 64 Tetrahedron Luminary Pendant Light created with Nassim Haramein

Tetra Matrix - 64 Tetrahedron Luminary Pendant Light created with Nassim Haramein

The incredible Tetra pendant light is tetra matrix in shape.

The Tetra is the result of a discussion between designer, Asaf Zakay, and physicist, Nassim Haramein. 

It is the intrinsic conceptual element of Haramein's Unified Field Theory, in which he describes the structure of the vacuum as a fractal geometry based on Platonic Solids and Archimedean geometries.

The Tetra is available in a variety of glass colours, including clear double bevelled glass, clear sapphire blue glass, clear emerald green glass, clear rose glass dichroic clear glass, dichroic grey glass.  

Dichroic glass is glass containing multiple micro-layers of metals or oxides which gives the glass dichroic optical properties. This causes an array of colour to be displayed and the colours shift depending on the angle of the view

It is available in two sizes:

Large - 144 small triangles - 33cm x 40cm

Large 1 - 144 large triangles - 40cm x 50cm

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More Information on the Tetra Matrix 

 The Tetra-Matrix, which has 144 faces on its outside surface, is composed of 64 edge-bounded tetrahedrons producing 14 complete octahedron cavities and two radially concentric cuboctahedrons, or vector equilibriums as Buckminster Fuller called them. This geometry provided Haramein with crucial insight into the fundamental structure of space from which everything emerges and returns to. The cuboctahedron is the only geometry in full equilibrium in all vectorial possibilities, and as such became the candidate for the structure of the vacuum which at the quantum level has an infinite energy density potential but appears as empty space due to its state of equilibrium.

 The geometry can be visualised many different ways. For instance, as infinitely increasing or decreasing cuboctahedron structures, or as eight star tetrahedrons each made of eight tetrahedrons, coming together at the central singularity point to produce perfect equilibrium. Perhaps the simplest way to visualise the geometry is to see it as 12 rays radiating from the central point of the structure.

 Having this geometry in your space will help to improve the coherency of your environment and remind you of your state of equilibrium. We suggest open eye meditations contemplating the form and absorbing its energetic balance.