VIDEO: Asaf speaking about the Merkaba - Geometric Art in Glass

VIDEO: Asaf speaking about the Merkaba - Geometric Art in Glass

Below are several videos featuring Asaf speaking about this creation of his Merkaba lights and sculptures and his connection to the Merkaba shape.  

 If you would like Asaf to create a glass Merkaba for you, the small sizes can be ordered here.  A Merkaba with a light inside can be ordered here 

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More about the Merkaba:

The word "Merkaba" is derived from ancient Egyptian and Hebrew words. In Hebrew, "merkavah" means "chariot," while in ancient Egyptian, "mer" means "rotating" or "light," and "ka" refers to the spirit or soul.

The Merkaba is often described as a three-dimensional, star-shaped geometric figure, consisting of two tetrahedra (three-sided pyramids) interlocked in such a way that they create a larger, six-pointed star. It is said to represent the energy field around the human body.

In various spiritual and New Age belief systems, the Merkaba is considered a symbol of spiritual protection, transformation, and ascension. It is believed that activating one's Merkaba can lead to a heightened state of consciousness and a connection to higher realms of existence.

Some people practice Merkaba meditation or visualization techniques to activate and engage with this energetic field around them, with the goal of achieving spiritual awakening and enlightenment.