Geometric Lighting


Custom Pendant Lighting - Step into sacredness

Handmade pendant lighting and geometric chandeliers by renowned glass artist and designer, Asaf Zakay. Made to order and custom made, using the principles of Sacred Geometry and the Golden Ratio, his glass pendant lights are designed for both function and beauty. Asaf has been crafting geometric sculptures for over 18 years. They can only be ordered directly from the artist.

About the Artist

“As a designer, my creations are fashioned on what is known as the ‘golden ratio’, a mathematical ratio which appeals to the human sense of beauty and balance.

I aim to capture the essence of this, which is the essence of nature itself"

Glass options

Clear Double Bevelled

Custom made glass with a double bevel for next level reflection and illumination and a crystal like feel.

Dichroic Glass

Dichroic glass, made specifically for the artist, and has mulitple layers of a mineral oxide embedded in the glass, which resonates out incredible colour.

Clear Sapphire Blue

A clear glass for beautiful illumination but with a hint of sapphire blue.

Dichroic Grey Glass

Dichroic treatment on smoky grey glass for mood filled illumination.

Rose Gold

A clear glass tinted with rose gold colours for a soft and warm glow.

Emerald Green

A clear glass, tinted with emerald green for eye-catching colour.

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A gallery of Zakay lighting installations from all over the world, as shared by our clients far and wide.

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See our Geometrica range

Asaf also creates a range of geometric sculputures without lights including his signature piece, the glass Merkaba.

Geometrica Range
Made in Australia

Lights can only be ordered direct from Zakay Glass Creations. Each piece is hand made to order. Shipping is worldwide. Waiting lists can apply. Our team will discuss this more with you should you decide to place an order.

Please note that Zakay lights will also work outside of Australia and we will provide installation instructions.

We also have custom made stands that are plug and play.

All lights come with a 12 month warranty.


We are in Australia but can safely ship worldwide.

We offer a 12 month warranty on the internal lighting fixture.

Dichroic glass is a glass that is made especially for us. It is multiple layers of mineral oxide, embedded in the glass which causes incredible colours. The glass can look different in different lights, making it mesmerising to watch.  It will not peel or fade over time.

Yes, we have an internal mechnism whereby the globe can be easily changed. We will send you a video on how to do it.

Absolutely.  We can send our pieces safely all over the world. We have recently sent sculptures and lights to Spain, USA, Canada, Switzerland and South Korea! Please note that the client is responsible for any import tax that your country may impose.

Yes.  We have an extremely safe packing system that we have developed over many years.  We have sent from Australia to the US, Canada, China, Japan and across Europe with no issues.  We use several layers of double-sided eco bubble wrap, packing beads and thick custom made cardboard boxes.