Zakay creations that are perfect as hallway pendant lights

Zakay creations that are perfect as hallway pendant lights

Zakay pendant lights are lights that you experience, rather than own.  In a hall-way this is particularly true as the reflections bring your hall or entrance area to life.

Hanging lights for hallways should be elegant, shimmery and bright and make a statement.  Please see below some images from our beloved clients homes who have achieved just this with a Zakay pendant light.

If you would love a hand-made light for your home, you can see our pendant light collection here.  


hanging light hallway

Scorpius in clear glass


hallway pendant light

Scorpius in dichroic clear glass - the dichroic glass gives out an array of colours.


hallway lamp pendant light

The Zaniah in double bevelled clear glass as a lamp in custom made stainless steel stand


 cube hallway pendant light 

The Metar cube pendant light is perfect in this stairwell/hallway area.


hallway lighting

The Zaniah in emerald green glass at night


hallway pendant

The same light as above, but during the day.  Even when the light is turned off, this piece becomes a beautiful piece of glass sculpture or art in your home.


hallway pendant light

Zaniah large in double bevelled clear glass, complements the other features in this space.