Wedding or Engagement Gifts that are unique and individual

Wedding or Engagement Gifts that are unique and individual

 The Star Tetrahedron sculpture or Merkaba Star is very popular with our clients as a unique wedding gift, or to celebrate an anniversary or engagement.  

This is because this shape is all about unity and harmony.  A beautiful way to symbolise the coming together of 2 people.

The star tetrahedron can be made in a huge array of different glass types to suit the personality and style of the couple you are purchasing for.  This gift is perfect, especially for the couple that perhaps "already has everything" and not needing a toaster or other kitchen item!

The star can can be hand-made in an array of different colour and sizes, like this one below in a dichroic on blue, dichroic on clear and clear sapphire blue glass mix. Please note that this piece is not currently on our website, please contact us for more information.

unique wedding gift


 Another option is to have your star tetrahedron made with glass that has a double bevel.  The extra bevel means that when it catches the sunlight, you get some pretty special shapes reflected back.

star tetrahedron


Emerald Green is another popular colour, with it being connected to the heart.  Green is also the colour of harmony and is perfect for self expression.  


All sculptures can be hand-engraved with either:

  • the couple's initials 
  • the date of the wedding or anniversary

This is a service that we provide at no extra cost.

 Sculptures can also be crafted in a mix of different glass types, like this piece below that is a mix of emerald green and clear double bevelled glass.  We don't have these mixes on the website, but you can always contact the gallery to place your order.

merkaba in stand 

Zakay Gallery also has custom made wooden stands for displaying the merkaba sculptures.  They come in three different colours - rustic white, coffee brown and amber.  We adjust the length of the cable for you, so it fits perfectly within the stand.  If you aren't purchasing a stand, the sculpture comes with 15cm of cable attached.

 Don't forget we also do this piece in a dichroic clear glass.  The star in full dichroic glass is perfect when it catches the sun: