Sacred Geometry - The Flower of Life

sacred geometry
The flower of life has great spiritual meaning and is one of the most important symbols in sacred geometry. It clearly represents the belief that all our universe, world and life is part of a divine, geometric plan - it is a pure model of god's creation. 
flower of life
It starts with one circle and all the other 18 interconnected circles form around it.
This first circle shows that all life, spirit and consciousness comes from one source.

The next circles represent the cell division that occurs in all living things.

In this particular geometric symbol, the cycle of the fruit tree is used to represent the natural cycle of all living things - cell division, buds, fruit, seeds, trees. 

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The flower of life is made up several different significant geometric symbols, including: 

Vesica Pisces
Two perfectly formed interlocking circles. 
vesca piscis
The seed of life
7 interlocking circles with one in the middle and 6 around the outside. The 7 circles represent the creation of the universe with each circle representing a different part of the creation. The fact that they are interlocking shows that each point in creation is linked with the other. 
seed of life
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The Egg of Life
This is the first 2 stages of the flower of life. It consists of 7 interlocking circles. It is considered to represent the first stages of embryonic growth. 

egg of life
The fruit of life
Is made up of 13 circles. It forms the basis for every molecular structure and life form down to atomic level. Metatrons cube, which contains all 5 of the Platonic solids, is based on the geometric layout of the fruit of life.
fruit of life
Metatrons cube:
Consisting of 13 spheres that represent the feminine and lines joining the spheres that represent the masculine. The name Metatron is from the name of the archangel in Judaism.

It’s is thought that YHVH used Metron and metatrons cube to connect the earth with the divine and pass on the mysteries of the universe to humans. 

It therefore connects our spirits with the divine. Metatrons cube also contains all 5 of the Platonic solids. Which divulge the underlying patterns of the universe. You can find out more about the Platonic Solids in our previous blog. 

metatrons cube
The tree of life 
Found within the flower of life, the Tree of Life is represented in texts up to 3000 years old and across multiple religions and faiths. It depicts human’s divine unity with the universe. 
tree of life
The Tree of Life Sculpture by Asaf Zakay:
tree of life
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