The Art of Asaf Zakay

The Art of Asaf Zakay


Before delving into Zakay's work, it's essential to understand the concept of sacred geometry. Sacred geometry refers to the universal patterns and shapes that are considered fundamental to the creation of the universe. These shapes and proportions are found in nature, art, and architecture, and are believed to carry spiritual significance. Common elements of sacred geometry include the Flower of Life, the Golden Ratio, and the Platonic Solids, each symbolising different aspects of life and existence.


Asaf Zakay has dedicated his career to exploring and expressing the principles of sacred geometry through his work. Zakay brings a unique blend of artistic vision and technical skill to his creations. His journey began with a fascination for the natural patterns and structures found in the world around us, which he sought to replicate and reinterpret through his art.


Asaf also uses the Golden Ratio in his art, you can see it in action here.


One of the most striking aspects of Zakay's work is his use of light. His sculptures are designed to interact with light in mesmerising ways. This interplay creates dynamic visual effects that enhance the geometric precision of his pieces. Asa falso creates sculptures with lights inside, and when illuminated, they cast intricate shadows and reflections.



 Asaf Zakay's art is an example of how ancient principles can be reimagined in contemporary ways. Through his mastery of sacred geometry, he creates works that have been enjoyed by many people across the world.