Platonic solids - what do they represent?

Platonic solids - what do they represent?

“Philosophy is written in this grand book, The Universe, which stands continually open under our gaze but the book can not be read until one first understands the language in which it is written. It is written in the language of mathematics and it’s characters are triangles, circles and other geometric figures.”
Galileo Galilei 1564-1642

Asaf Zakay speaking about the Platonic Solid set

Crucial to sacred geometry are Plato’s solids. These are perfectly symmetrical shapes with every side and every internal angle exactly the same. These 5 shapes make up our universe and the world around us.
Plato attributed each shape to a key element.

The Tetrahedron
Made up of equilateral triangles
Element: Fire
Colour: Yellow
As we sit with our tetrahedron we create  a natural balance between the physical and spiritual world. We feel acceptance and our personal power flourishes and grows.

tetrahedron orion platonic solid

Hexahedron (Cube)
Made up of squares
Element:  Earth
Colour: Red
As we sit with our cube we connect to earth and nature, feeling grounded, strong and stable. 


metar cube platonic solid

Made up of equilateral triangles
Element: Air
Colour: Green
Our octahedron connects us with love, compassion for ourselves and others and our spiritual nature. We are able to self reflect, be present,  heal ourselves and show compassion on every level.


The Octahedron as pendant light 



Made up of pentagons
Element: Ether, the Universe
Colour: violet / indigo / purple
As we sit with our dodecahedron we connect with our spiritual selves. We are surrounded by universal wisdom and able to manifest our deepest wishes.

dodecahedron glass art

Made up of equilateral triangles.
Element: Water
Colour: orange
As we sit with our icosahedron we find ourselves able to  accept change, to flow and express ourselves. We become more creative and confident. We are able to transform and change without fear as it holds the energy of ‘allowing’.

ankaa icosahedron platonic solid


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