Personalising your sculpture with sacred symbols

Personalising your sculpture with sacred symbols

Zakay Gallery now offers personalised, laser engraved pieces as an option.

Whether your chosen sculpture is a unique gift for a friend, a wedding present, or a retirement gift, a significant date and their name can be engraved with a chosen symbol or perhaps with a meaningful quote, for instance.

If you are choosing a pendant light for a child’s nursery you could choose one of Zakay's unique pendant lights with an infinity symbol and heart engraved alongside it as a symbol of infinite love. As they grow up and move on your beautiful child can take their light with them as a reminder of the infinite love you have for them.

These pieces of geometric art also make beautiful and unique gifts for Father’s Day or Mother’s Day. In these instances why not have the symbol for father or mother engraved on the piece such as this Viking symbol for father:

viking symbol for father

Or this Celtic symbol for mother and child:

celtic symbol

Perhaps you have a favourite totem, guardian animal or meaningful tattoo that you would like replicated onto the piece. If you use your sculpture to meditate with this can increase connection with it as you visualise your totem or guardian animal alongside you.

totem animal wolf

No matter what the purpose of your geometric sculpture or pendant is you can have the option to personalise it and make it even more meaningful and unique.

Engraving starts from around $50. For more information or a quote, please contact us.