How to do a Merkaba Meditation

Merkaba meditation

Mer- light
Ba- body

The very word embodies its meaning...our body, our spirit connected and surrounded by light or energy.

The Merkaba is made up of 2 pyramids counter rotating and thus creating fields of energy around us. The top and bottom point are energetic polar opposites that compliment each other.

The top point connects us to the divine, the ethereal and grace. It is a positive energy force. The bottom point grounds us. It connects with the strength of the earth, holding us firm.

It is the negative energy force. Together, within us, they balance giving us grace and strength if we are willing to follow journey to the source and activate our own Merkaba energy field.

Merkaba by Asaf Zakay

merkaba meditation

Guided meditation using your Merkaba sculpture.

  • Sit gently crossed legged,
  • Place your Merkaba sculpture in front of you.
  • Place your palms together, breath in through the nose and out through the mouth.
  • Raise your hands to above your head, following the top point of the Merkaba. As you do so breath in and out.
  • “ my spirit connects with the divine light above. I feel lighter, enlightened and guided by grace.”
  • Bring your hands back down.
  • Now feel yourself sitting firmly. Feel the power of the earth connect with you.
  • “I am grounded and sit firm, the strength of our earth holds me safely and strongly”
  • Now observe the centre of the Merkaba. Here sits the source. Your being, your soul.
  • “May the divine from above and the strength from below meet within me. That the divine will nurture me and the earth will hold me. I trust in myself and my being.”
  • Now observe the points of the Merkaba. This is your energy from within radiating through your body, protecting you, forming a shield and touching others. 
  • “I am protected. I am strong and kind. The divine from above, the ground from below, the source from within cradle me.I am held strong and guided on my journey.”
  • Breath in and breath out. Raise your hands to your forehead and back to your heart chakra. Thank the Merkaba for its guidance and strength.

merkaba meditation