Custom Made Pendant Lights with Hand-Cut Glass

 Happy New Year!  Thank you so much for following us and for your support.

We wanted to share some images from Asaf's latest project with you that are direct from his studio.  He is creating 15 bespoke lights for a large project for The Life Centre in New Zealand.

We were honoured to be chosen to create these lights, many of them include hand-cut glass which is a way he can incorporate unique colours to suit the clients needs, as well as add texture and unique reflection. 

We hope to share more with you once they have been installed.  In the meantime, please enjoy the images below.

With thanks
Zakay Studio Team
custom lighting
The Octahedron "Vesta" pendant light with custom hand-cut glass
custom lighting geometric
Custom-made "Atlantis" Tree of Life pendant light
custom made light
Custom-made "Ankaa" Icosahedron with hand-cut gold glass
custom light
Asaf Zakay's signature piece, a custom-made Merkaba
custom lighting
"Ankaa" Icosahedron with Rose Gold Glass and Clear Double Bevelled Glass
custom geometric pendant light
Hadar with double bevelled and magenta glass

custom geometric pendant light
Cube with burnt amber
custom geometric pendant light
Hadar with clear double bevelled, amber and purple muffle
custom geometric pendant light
Merkaba with rose gold and clear double bevel glass