"Ariel" Geometric Pendant Light with 2nd sculpture for free

Asaf's signature piece, the elegant and breath-taking Ariel Luminary in pure and crystal like, clear double bevelled glass, beautifully displayed in a custom-made, stainless steel stand.

The Ariel is a merkaba in shape and was the first shape Asaf created when he started sharing his talents with the world. In Sacred Geometry terms, it represents balance, healing and protection.

See the video below to see the way this special piece casts it's brilliant energy and reflection around your room.

This hand-crafted light is AUD$2440 including light itself, the stand and shipping. And as a free gift to you, Asaf will also create a matching Ariel sculpture and it install into a wooden pod for you, valued at $575 (see below for image). We will also cover the cost of shipping worldwide.

Please note that due to current workloads, we only have three packages available.

Sizing of pendant light: 36cm x 36cm
Sizing of stand:  50cm tall

Sizing of bonus sculpture: 21cm x 21cm
Sizing of bonus stand: 35cm x 30cm

If you would love this piece in your home, please email info@zakaystudioandgallery.com or contact us 
Merkaba geometric pendant light
geometric light
geometric pendant light