An Insight into Sacred Geometry

sacred geometry

What is about Zakay geometric glass sculptures and artworks that draws people to them?

Why do we feel a sense of contentment and peace as we watch them? It is because Asaf Zakay applies his wisdom of sacred geometry to every piece. Thus each piece feels resolved and complete. In a spiritual sense they traverse the gap of communication between our spirit and mind and help us to feel connected and complete too.

So, why is sacred geometry so important?

Sacred geometry is the very blueprint of nature. All that we know is based on a specific pattern or number ratio whether in terms of natural form, behaviour, energy and, in human constructs, religion, art, architecture and science.

From the helical spiral of our DNA to the unfurling leaf of a fern to the shape of Mona Lisa’s face,  the golden ratio and sacred geometry play a part.  Galileo once said, ‘mathematics is the alphabet with which God wrote the universe’.

set of glass platonic solids

Platonic solids or ‘Plato’s Solids’; the tetrahedron, hexahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron and icosahedron form the very building blocks of life right down to a molecular level. Perhaps this explains why we are so inextricably drawn to them? That perhaps we are actually subconsciously hardwired to be affiliated with these natural patterns and combinations of these shapes? 

platonic solids

In spiritual terms sacred geometry triggers our deeper consciousness. It links our soul with our physical presence, our mind with our body. It is for these reasons that ancient sacred spaces were constructed using sacred geometry. These shapes and combination of these shapes have the power to link us spiritually with ‘The Source’.

The source could also be called ‘the universe’, or ‘divine light’. it is specifically non denominational in this context as every philosophy and religion connects with it through sacred geometry. It transcends the every day belief, taking us and connecting us to the very spark of our being. When we seek The source we follow an internal journey: the finding of wisdom, of seeking divine guidance and spiritual growth.

platonic solid set glass

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