The easy guide to decorating when you are renting!

ideas for renters

The key decorating issues to consider when decorating a rental property are:

  • Lighting
  • Ability to hang art on the walls
  • Lack of storage
  • Lack of indoor/outdoor design
  • How to personalise the space

First off, check with your landlord and see if you can paint the space. A tin of white paint can go a long way to freshening up your space. Choose a bright white that will bounce light around. You can add colour with accessories.

sitting room

Decide on a theme or particular style that you like. Put together a mood board and add pictures of style themes. This will help you buy strategic pieces that you love and prevent your home becoming too busy or mismatched. Stick with just a couple of colour combinations.

Rugs can easily be used to disguise flooring and personalise a space. Use them to delineate a space. For instance a large rug in front of the sofa, with a couple of chairs will create a ‘sitting room’.

Simple white stand alone shelves can be used not only for books but to display treasured possessions. You can also prop canvases or artwork up on them instead of hanging them on the wall.

rental property design

Bring plants in. Research your indoor plant options. Greenery around the house will instantly make the place feel loved and lived in and will give you the indoor / outdoor connection we all love.

Devil’s Ivy, Zanzibar Gem and Lady Palms are all fantastic examples of indoor plants. If you are a black thumb investigate some fake options.... no one need know!!!

design when renting

A comfy throw and a selection of cushions on the lounge will up the comfort factor and personalise the space.

Finally lighting is the most important aspect to consider. The right ambient lighting will make a simple room feel warm and inviting.

However in rentals lighting can be the most challenging issue to solve. If there is the option for a pendant light, look for something unique that will tie your decorating scheme together and finalise it.

However if there are only halogen down-lights a pendant light is not an option.  The easiest way to solve this dilemma is to look for stand alone lights, pendant lamps or standard lights. Look for ways that you can personalise your space by choosing a stand alone light that is both functional but also is a piece of art in its own right.

pendant lamp

Zakay Studio and Gallery has some excellent examples of unique geometric lamps hung within a frame so they are easily transportable. They can be custom designed to suit your exact style and colour needs and throw incredible patterns and reflections.

geometric lamp

So how to decorate your rental property? A lick of white paint, a couple of rugs, some simple shelves, a few cushions ..... but most importantly of all: decent lighting!