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Our largest ever light!

News From Zakay Studio and Gallery Local glass artist, Asaf Zakay, is preparing to ship his signature piece, the Tetra Matrix, all the way to Washington State from his studio and gallery in the Northern Rivers. The piece is one of the largest ever created by Zakay. This $25,000 commission has been made using 576 triangles of dichroic glass, the shape based on the geometric design called a tetra matrix or the 64 tetrahedron. The best way to describe the shape is that it is 64 tetrahedron’s joined together or 8 star tetrahedrons. A star tetrahedron was depicted by Da Vinci in the Vitruvian Man.   Asaf started creating geometric sculptures in 2005 and displayed them at local markets around...

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Tetra Matrix - 64 Tetrahedron Luminary Pendant Light created with Nassim Haramein

The incredible Tetra pendant light is tetra matrix in shape. The Tetra is the result of a discussion between designer, Asaf Zakay, and physicist, Nassim Haramein.  It is the intrinsic conceptual element of Haramein's Unified Field Theory, in which he describes the structure of the vacuum as a fractal geometry based on Platonic Solids and Archimedean geometries. The Tetra is available in a variety of glass colours, including clear double bevelled glass, clear sapphire blue glass, clear emerald green glass, clear rose glass dichroic clear glass, dichroic grey glass.   Dichroic glass is glass containing multiple micro-layers of metals or oxides which gives the glass dichroic optical properties. This causes an array of colour to be displayed and the colours shift...

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Who has a Zakay creation?

 Nassim HarameinFind our more about Nassim Haramein's ground-breaking work here Angus Stone Image: @tacedoherty   Temple Byron Light Centre for Transformation   Other people who have purchased Asaf's work include Demi Moore, David Bromley, Olivia Newton John Hospital, Jeffrey Slayter, Jaimie Durie and Alex Grey. Testimonials "I love the feel of it in my home. The peaceful reflections are so calming!" "It has transformed my busy living room into a place of tranquility and beauty. Thank you so much, Asaf!" "There's nothing in the world like it. Thank you for my custom light. My family and friends are in awe and so am I"

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