Our largest ever light!

Our largest ever light!

News From Zakay Studio and Gallery

Local glass artist, Asaf Zakay, is preparing to ship his signature piece, the Tetra Matrix, all the way to Washington State from his studio and gallery in the Northern Rivers. The piece is one of the largest ever created by Zakay.

64 tetrahedron glass pendant light

This $25,000 commission has been made using 576 triangles of dichroic glass, the shape based on the geometric design called a tetra matrix or the 64 tetrahedron.

The best way to describe the shape is that it is 64 tetrahedron’s joined together or 8 star tetrahedrons. A star tetrahedron was depicted by Da Vinci in the Vitruvian Man.

unusual ceiling light


Asaf started creating geometric sculptures in 2005 and displayed them at local markets around the Byron Shire. In 2006 he opened a small studio in Byron to show his work to those that were interested in his process.   Then in 2007 he moved to a larger warehouse in the Byron Art and Industrial Estate.

Four years ago the Gallery opened in Bangalow, where you can see his work being created and the work of other local artists such as Noel Hart, Avital Sheffer, Laila Bell, Byron Tik, Suvira McDonald and many others.

 Asaf loves to work with clients around the world to design the perfect pendant light for their home or work space.

“I have been so blessed to create so many stunning lights for clients who wanted something different and unique made just for them”

“I am also very fortunate that my work has been recognised in lighting design magazines around the world including Mondo Arc.”

 Zakay has also made lights for Olivia Newton-John, Demi Moore, Jamie Dury, the Aura-Soma Centre in the UK, Highfield Temple in New Zealand, Byron Temple, Gymea Retreat and other retreats and properties around the world.

“I am truly excited to send this light to a beautiful home in Washington State and wish to take the opportunity to thank my Gallery team in Bangalow and Brisbane.”

The Gallery space is open in Bangalow, Australia, seven days per week. For a unique light design, the Zakay team is more than happy to meet with new clients. The Gallery wish to thank the whole community for all the years of support and to everyone who has been involved over the years.


geometric chandelier light