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How to do a Merkaba Meditation

Mer- lightKa-spiritBa- body The very word embodies its meaning...our body, our spirit connected and surrounded by light or energy. The Merkaba is made up of 2 pyramids counter rotating and thus creating fields of energy around us. The top and bottom point are energetic polar opposites that compliment each other. The top point connects us to the divine, the ethereal and grace. It is a positive energy force. The bottom point grounds us. It connects with the strength of the earth, holding us firm. It is the negative energy force. Together, within us, they balance giving us grace and strength if we are willing to follow journey to the source and activate our own Merkaba energy field. Merkaba by Asaf Zakay...

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Gift Guide - The Ariel - A Unique Wedding Gift

  If you are looking to buy a thoughtful, personal gift then this is the series for you. We start with the ultimate unique wedding gift. The Ariel; a star tetrahedron glass sculpture. Spiritual significance, steeped in history and brought into the present as a spectacular glass sculpture that can be personalised with the lovers initials and date of union, a more thoughtful and personalised wedding gift would be hard to find!   The Star Tetrahedron is also known as the Merkaba which translates literally as ‘light, spirit, body.’ Made up of two intersecting tetrahedrons it serves to remind us of the beauty in the connection of two souls and the potential power in the journey that lies ahead as...

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