Zakay Glass Sculpture - 'Gemma'
Zakay Glass Sculpture - 'Gemma'

Zakay Glass Sculpture - 'Gemma'




Two shapes become aligned with one's soul purpose and desires. A solid form inspired by the cube and diamond shape of the octahedron. Indulge your senses with Moroccan flair, as this form's steady triangles conjure an exotic rhythm. The use of isosceles triangles give this shape a much more defined presence with delicate and playful lines.

The 'Gemma' shape is also available in the beautiful Luminary Sculpture range.

Zakay Glass Creations have specially-designed stands for elegant showcasing of your Geometrica glass sculptures.  You can choose from The Pod stand, made from rich mahogany wood, or New Moon stand made from top-grade stainless steel.

Both designs make it ideal to display your sculpture on a dining room table, bed side table or stylish reception desk. 

Please see our stand page for various size and colour options.

All Geometrica glass sculptures also have 15cm of stainless steel cable attached, ready to suspend in your chosen environment.

If you require a different length of cable, please contact our office at time of order and we'll happily make the required adjustments (minimal charge applies).