Set of 3 x Ariel Sculptures Clear Double Bevelled (Small)
Set of 3 x Ariel Sculptures Clear Double Bevelled (Small)

Set of 3 x Ariel Sculptures Clear Double Bevelled (Small)

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This is our most popular and best selling. One for you and two for your loved ones? Find your creative way how you'd like to gift these.  

The Ariel is the ultimate balance between the masculine & feminine, yin/yang. Feel the energy of peaceful balance in your life with an Ariel in your space.

Known worldwide for it's classic pure geometric balance the Ariel shape is part of the Louve (Paris), Da Vinci Star of David and other famous iconic masterpieces.

Some interesting notes:

-  Star-tetrahedron in geometry.

 - Also famously called The Merkaba; vehicle of light.

- Represents relationship of two complimentary halves.

- Perfected Golden Ratio

- Symbolises equilibrium, unification and balance.

- Calming and inspiring energy. Has a peaceful anchoring feeling. 

- Comes with high quality stainless steel cable for hanging.

Below is the Ariel in Dichroic Clear Glass to give you an idea of the reflections. The Clear Double Bevelled featured in the sale will give off gorgeous clear light and rainbow prisms. 

If you'd like a set of 3 in a different glass type, please make contact and we will do our best. 

Here is a photo of a customer for size representation:

(This is the dichroic clear glass but is the same size)

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