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Feature Package:

Deluxe Limited Edition matte black stand with gorgeous medium Ariel in Double Bevelled Glass.

The Ariel is the ultimate balance between the masculine & feminine, yin/yang. Feel the energy of peaceful balance in your life with an Ariel in your space.

Known worldwide for it's classic pure geometric balance the Ariel shape is part of the Louve (Paris), Da Vinci Star of David and other famous iconic masterpieces.

The limited edition black stand has publicly been released on the 31st July and is limited is supply. 

Perfect for the office desk, work space or harmony at home.  


Δ  Ariel made of 24 perfectly cut CLEAR DOUBLE BEVELLED glass triangles.

Δ High grade stainless steel half moon stand custom made - Limited Edition is black powder coat and is aesthetically beautiful with the dichroic clear .  

Δ  Medium Ariel 26 x 26 cm 

Δ  Star-tetrahedron in geometry.

Δ  Also famously called The Merkaba; vehicle of light.

Δ  Represents relationship of two complimentary wholes.

Δ  Symbol for UNION.

Δ  Perfected Golden Ratio.

Δ  Symbolises equilibrium, unification and balance.

Δ  Calming and inspiring energy. Has a peaceful anchoring feeling.