$525 package with International Shipping
$525 package with International Shipping

$525 package with International Shipping

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The famous Ariel is set in a gorgeous high grade cherry red mahogany pod that is hand created and custom made especially for this piece.

The Ariel is the ultimate balance between the masculine & feminine, yin/yang. Feel the energy of peaceful balance in your life with an Ariel in your space.


Known worldwide for it's classic pure geometric balance the Ariel shape is part of the Louve (Paris), Da Vinci Star of David and other famous iconic masterpieces.

We have ten cherry red timber pods ready to go and will hand build the glass Ariel especially for you. The timber pods are limited in numbers. Due to hand made nature, we are unsure when if we will have more.


Δ  Ariel made of 24 perfectly cut clear double bevelled glass triangles.

Δ  Small Ariel 21 x 21 cm and Timber pod 35 x 30cm

Δ  Star-tetrahedron in geometry.

Δ  Also famously called The Merkaba; vehicle of light.

Δ  Represents relationship of two complimentary wholes.

Δ  Symbol for UNION.

Δ  Perfected Golden Ratio.

Δ  Symbolises equilibrium, unification and balance.

Δ  Calming and inspiring energy. Has a peaceful anchoring feeling. 

Δ  Custom built and sized for pod. Ready for beautiful reflections to bring joy and light filled energy to your special space.

Image below from a customer who purchased her Ariel piece 10 years ago! It's a beautiful life long companion.