Would you like a complete set to harmonise and balance your home?
Which rooms in your home could do with more:
Water (calming)
Fire (activating)
Air (intellect/ communication enhancing)
Earth (grounding/ nurturing)
Ether/ Spirit (place for contemplation and relaxation)

Each complete set is 100% hand-made to order, created especially for you and your space. Request of photographs documenting your new best friends for your home, being created are welcomed. We wish to offer this as an additional gift.

Our space at home is our own special world. This set is ideal if you'd like to enhance the feeling of the rooms you spend most of your time in and for those spaces that are deserving of some extra magic. Enjoy the creation process and placing your sculptures in spaces you feel are right for you.

Does that sound good to you? 


There are five shapes that represent the platonic solids. Plato called these geometric shapes "the building blocks of creation," asserting that their structural harmony brought order.



The Tetrahedron (Orion) represents the element of FIRE and symbolises courage, passion, willpower and strength.
The Cube/ Hexahedron (Metar) represents the EARTH and represents stability, power and physical action.
The Octahedron (Vesta) represents the AIR and symbolises intellect, inspiration, new beginnings and mental activity.
The Icosahedron (Ankaa) symbolises the element of WATER and symbolises emotions, dreams and intuition.
Finally, the Dodecahedron (Zohar) represents the element of SPIRIT and symbolises connection, the universe, completion and wholeness.