Custom Lighting - Design Service

Are you building a new house, renovating or focusing on updating a particular room? Looking for custom pendant lighting?

The custom design service for pendant lighting, offered by Asaf Zakay is highly regarded by homeowners, interior designers, and architects alike. Zakay bespoke pendant lights are the ultimate in form and function. Not only are they a piece of art but also create a beautiful ambient light.

hanging pendant light
Experience the creation of a custom pendant light designed and crafted by hand especially for you. You will get to meet with Asaf and discuss your needs, ideas, dreams and thoughts. We encourage you to bring mood boards, colour swatches, house designs and photos.  

Whether you are looking for kitchen pendant lights, a spectacular hallway pendant light, an ambient pendant light to hang over a dining table or a light for another space, Asaf will listen and design you a piece that will not only complement your space but add a unique and personal touch to it. 

hanging pendant light

Described as 'the jewellery that finishes the room', pendant lights and stand alone lights tie the design together. Much as we might have bespoke jewellery custom designed to our tastes so you can do the same for your home. 

hanging pendant light

Please complete the form below to arrange a meeting to discuss your cusom piece.  A meeting can take place via Skype or face to face if you live in the Northern Rivers area of NSW.