Christmas Packages

To make gift giving easy this festive season, we have taken our most popular sculptures and created four packages - with three hand-crafted sculptures in each, with free shipping Australia wide and free engraving. 

If you would love to give the gift of art this season, art that is not only beautiful on a physical level, but has a depth of meaning and is symbolic as it relates to each and every one of us in a beautiful way -  it would be our pleasure to create these sculptures for you, your family and friends.

The four packages are listed below for you.  If you would love to have or share my sculptures with yourself or your family, simply complete the form below to send us an email.

These packages are hand-made to order.  You can also see what we have currently available in the gallery here.
christmas package
Package 1 - A trio of our most popular shapes.  

- The Tree of Life for inner wisdom with crystal-like clear diamond shaped glass 
- Octahedron for integration and living in the moment - a mix of sapphire blue glass and double bevelled glass for maximum reflection 
- Merkaba for balance and unity and in sapphire blue for peace and serenity 

Tree of Life (15cm x 6cm), Octahedron (15cm x 15cm), Star Tetrahedron (21cm x 17cm). 15cm of cable attached to each.
christmas offer
Package 2 - Three Merkaba sculptures

This calming shape is all about healing and protection as well as balance and unity.  The sapphire blue is representative of peace and serenity the emerald green for heart connection. Plus a Merkaba in pure and crystal-like double bevelled triangles for maximum light and reflection.

Star Tetrahedron 21cm x 17cm - 15cm of cable
christmas offer
Package 3  - Three Octahedron Sculptures

The Octahedron is for integration and living in the moment and is connected to the element of Air.  Sapphire blue calms and soothes our nervous system, linking us with peace and serenity.  Emerald green is connected to the heart.  Plus, a piece in pure, clear double bevelled glass, designed for maximum reflection.

Octahedron 15cm x 15cm. 15cm of cable attached.
christmas offer
Package 4 - Three Tree of Life Sculptures

The Tree of Life shape is about connection to the earth and body and is an important symbol in the Kabbalah.  Sapphire blue calms and soothes our nervous system linking us with peace and serenity.  Emerald green is connected to the heart.  Plus, a piece in single bevelled diamond shaped glass, designed for beautiful reflection.

Tree of Life 15cm x 6cm. 15cm of cable attached