platonic solid set
platonic solid set
platonic solid set

Platonic Solids - Gift Set of 5 glass sculptures

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There are five shapes that represent the platonic solids. Plato called these geometric shapes "the building blocks of creation" asserting that their structural harmony brought order.

The Tetrahedron represents the element of FIRE (for activating) and symbolises courage, passion, willpower and strength.

The Cube/ Hexahedron represents the EARTH (for grounding/nurturing) and represents stability, power and physical action.

The Octahedron represents the AIR (for intellect/communication enhancing) and symbolises intellect, inspiration, new beginnings and mental activity.
The Icosahedron (Ankaasymbolises the element of WATER (for calming) and symbolises emotions, dreams and intuition.

Finally, the Dodecahedron represents the element of SPIRIT (for contemplation and relaxation) and symbolises connection, the universe, completion and wholeness

These geometric shapes in art have been carefully hand-crafted in our Studio in Australia, with the designs incorporating the principles of Sacred Geometry.

Due to current demand and each item being made to order by the artist himself, the current wait time is 16 weeks.  Learn more here

Read more about Sacred Geometry.

This Sacred Geometry Platonic Solid set will have 15cm of stainless steel cable attached to each sculpture. If you require a different length of cable, please contact our office at time of order and we'll happily make the required adjustments (minimal charge applies). 

Asaf Zakay is a geometric glass art visionary. His glass sculptures and geometric pendant lights adorn spaces around the world.

His pieces are most known for their unique and mesmerising reflections. Made of the highest quality materials, Asaf is world recognised for his art and creates each piece with perfection and grace.

Read Asaf's testimonials.
Asaf Zakay
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