Ariel Luminary - Star Shaped Pendant Light
Ariel Luminary - Star Shaped Pendant Light
Ariel Luminary - Star Shaped Pendant Light
Ariel Luminary - Star Shaped Pendant Light

Ariel Luminary - Star Shaped Pendant Light

This hand-made, star shaped pendant light, the Ariel, is in the shape of a Star Tetrahedron.  A Star Tetrahedron is also known as a Merkaba - the vehicle of light.
Calming, peaceful, harmonious - a powerful shape comprised of two inter-locking pyramids, representing the perfect union between male and female, balance and harmony and healing and protection. 

Due to current demand and each item being made to order by the artist himself, the current wait time is 24 weeks.  Learn more here

Large: 36cm x 36cm - 96 small triangles of double bevelled glass
Large 1: 49cm x 49cm - 96 large triangles of double bevelled glass

The Star Tetrahedron makes a for a special and unique wedding gift



This glass pendant light is supplied, ready to be fitted by your electrician with:

* metre of clear cable
* one halogen low pressure globe
* a chrome pendant fitting housing a transformer
    Alternatively, your Luminary Pendant light can be displayed in a custom-made stainless steel stand.  The electrical cable comes concealed in the stand for a seamless effect.
    For a half moon stand, click here
    For a full moon stand, click here

    - Please note that the stand is not included -



    Asaf Zakay is a geometric glass art visionary. His glass sculptures and geometric pendant lights adorn spaces around the world.

    His pieces are most known for their unique and mesmerising reflections. Made of the highest quality materials, Asaf is world recognised for his art and creates each piece with perfection and grace. 

    Read Asaf's testimonials here.

    Asaf Zakay

    For information on lead times, packaging and other FAQ's, please click here.

    This piece is also available as a piece of geometric art, without a light inside.

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