Zakay Pendant Lamps

Our lights can be installed direct into your ceiling as a pendant light - but there are many reasons to turn your pendant light into a pendant lamp, using one of our custom-made stainless steel stands (all stands are made from the highest quality marine grade stainless steel).  This includes:

  1. Portability - you can move the pendant lamp from room to room, depending on which space you would like to be lit up with beautiful reflections
  2. If you are renting, you may not be able to install a light into the ceiling, so a lamp gives you a great option

The cabling for the light runs up through the stand for a seamless effect.  For our overseas customers, we include a universal plug so it can be used anywhere!

 pendant lamp

Zaniah pendant lamp in half moon stand
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Link to purchase matching half moon stand


Ariel in dichroic clear glass and double bevelled mix in full moon stand 


merkaba pendant lamp

Star Tetrahedron "Ariel" Pendant Lamp - full dichroic glass and full moon stainless steel stand

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pendant lamp 

 Castor in clear glass in half moon stand


pendant lamp

Izar - dichroic glass in a full moon stand

ankaa pendant lamp 

Ankaa Pendant Lamp with mix of dichroic and clear bevelled glass.

Sextans Pendant Light in rose gold glass


All of our geometric pendant lights can be accommodated in a stand as a pendant lamp. The above is just a small selection. For inquiries, please contact us